Outreach Service

Zebra Access now has a new outreach service to support individuals who are hard of hearing or have become deafened. This service is funded by the Know Your Neighbourhood Fund.

An Outreach Officer works with people who are deafened or hard of hearing seeking support in coping with their hearing loss. This project aims to empower them by organizing workshops addressing their challenges and providing strategies to adapt to their hearing loss. Additionally, we arrange events, trips, and much more to develop peer groups and reduce the isolation that hearing loss brings. 

If you're struggling and don't know where to turn after losing your hearing, feeling down, or having difficulty finding support and information, our Outreach Service is here to support you.

Zebra Access offers one-on-one and group support, along with activities and training, to help deaf and hard of hearing individuals build stability, confidence, and overall well-being. Our ultimate goal is to help them engage more fully in society. We're committed to eliminating the barriers that people who are deafened and hard of hearing may face on a daily basis.

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To get in touch with our outreach officer, you can reach out via email at shifa@zebra-access.com or through text, FaceTime, or WhatsApp: 07723990749





With the support of funders such as the National Lottery's Community Fund, BFI, Foundations, Trusts and so on, Zebra Access CIO provides a range of free services and support to Deaf, Deafblind, Hard of Hearing and Deafened people and communities. Zebra Access staff, volunteers have the right to work in a safe and abuse free environment alongside with service users. The organisation will not tolerate any kind of abuse against its staff, volunteers, service users or property.

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