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Spotlight with Linda Beasley

We have a new staff member joining us in our team. Watch this short clip of our Community Development Officer, Sean interview Linda to find out more about her role here at Zebra Access.

She can be contact by email, or text 07861 677816


S. Hello and welcome, today I will be chatting and asking questions to a new quest, but who are they, let’s find out...

S. Hello

L. Hello

S. Could you tell everyone who you are

L. My name is Linda Beasley and I am the new Wellbeing Officer for Zebra Access.

S. Oh great a new Wellbeing Officer, do you have a sign name?

L. Yes, my sign name is (Hungary), maybe some of you know me.

S. So Linda, could you explain a little bit about your role and what it includes.

L. A Wellbeing Officer works with the NHS, Healthwatch, CCG’s and Councils with issues that relate to health and mental wellbeing and my role will be managing these aspects.

S. So that means if a members of the community are lacking in confidence, having problems, don’t know how to do things or want access to information they can contact you and you will arrange to meet and chat with them.

L. Yes that’s my job, I’m here to support the community.

S. That seems like an interesting job for sure.

L. Yes, it’s an exciting new challenge.

S. If people are keen to contact you, how can they do this.

L. People can contact me via, text, WhatsApp, email, video message or call explaining the problem and I will do my best to help resolve it.

S. Great. Will you be working full time or on specific days?

L. My working days are Tuesday and Wednesdays 9-5pm and Friday 10-2pm so I work part time.

S. so if you need to contact Linda, you know how and which days.

L. Yes

S. Well welcome to Zebra Access

L. Thanks you for accepting me into your team.

S. okay, good and bye everyone.



Zebra Access CIO provides services and support to Deaf, Deaf Blind and Hard of Hearing people with thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund. Services includes Employment Services, English/Maths tutorials, Advocacy, Community Development, BSL/Deaf Awareness, drop-in sessions dealing with a range of queries, complaints, form filling, and many more. Zebra Access staff and volunteers have the right to work in a safe and abuse free environment. The organisation will not tolerate any kind of abuse against its staff, volunteers or property.

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