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Sign Away at the Park


We at Zebra Access are organising ‘Sign away at the park’ what is this? Its an opportunity for you to socialise and get together with friends and have a chat. The address of the park will appear at the end of this video. If you’re wondering if you are allowed to go because of coronavirus, We at Zebra Access are following government and the council’s guidance. An example of this is that when you meet people you cannot hug them or shake their hand. You can bring your own food but cannot share it with other people, and you must keep at an appropriate distance from other people.

We can only have a maximum of 30 people attend. If you’re really interested and want to go, so that you can catch up with people that you haven’t seen for ages due to lockdown and being at home. Also some of you may not have seen other Deaf people, and may have used video chat or online activities which can sometimes be difficult, and you may feel more comfortable meeting people in person. This is the reason that we decided to organise ‘Sign away at the park’.

If you are interested and want to attend you are very welcome. The things that you would need to bring are a foldable chair, food, drinks. Please remember that you cannot share food and drinks with other people. The aim is for people to meet and socialise at the park, please remember to text me to let me know if you plan on attending this is important, so that I can keep a tally of the number of people who are attending, which is a maximum of 30 people. The details such as, the park, time and date will appear at the end of this video. Hope to see you there.


Contact Details:
Sean Noone, Communty Development Officer or Text/FaceTime: 07472958534


Zebra Access CIO provides services and support to Deaf, Deaf Blind and Hard of Hearing people with thanks to The National Lottery Community Fund. Services includes Employment Services, English/Maths tutorials, Advocacy, Community Development, BSL/Deaf Awareness, drop-in sessions dealing with a range of queries, complaints, form filling, and many more. Zebra Access staff and volunteers have the right to work in a safe and abuse free environment. The organisation will not tolerate any kind of abuse against its staff, volunteers or property.

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