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Dawn, our BSL and Deaf Awareness Tutor has been busy teaching BSL Level 1 and 2 groups via zoom online since September 2023 before adding another BSL Level 1 class in January 2024. All of her students have been working hard and are due to take their repsective assessment over the next month, June and. There has been a dramatic increase in parents of a deaf children or the children learning BSL over the past year which is fantastic to see.

Dawn has also delivered BSL Taster sessions at the Workspace where everyone learnt basic sign language and at National Trust centre in Wightwick. The feedback has been that they all have learnt a lot and enjoyed it.

Dawn said 'It is important for everyone to learn BSL, so that you can communicate with deaf people around you, colleague at work, family and friends or the deaf parents of hearing child or children. Deaf people and deaf children really appreciate every effort made by anyone who makes effort to communicate with them or learn BSL. It can be very isolating where no one communicates with you as a deaf person. Everyone is welcome to learn BSL and it is always never too late to learn BSL”

There are new BSL taster sessions starting in June. Please contact for more details.


With the support of funders such as the National Lottery's Community Fund, BFI, Foundations, Trusts and so on, Zebra Access CIO provides a range of free services and support to Deaf, Deafblind, Hard of Hearing and Deafened people and communities. Zebra Access staff, volunteers have the right to work in a safe and abuse free environment alongside with service users. The organisation will not tolerate any kind of abuse against its staff, volunteers, service users or property.

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