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West Midlands Police Museum Trip

On 20th July, we all attended the West Midlands Police Museum in Birmingham. The Police Museum was built in 1891 in Victorian times and was a working police cell block until 2016. The court is right next to the building as it had underground tunnels to transport the prisoner to a cell block to stay for two nights before the judge decided on their punishment for the crime.  

The museum showed two centuries of policing history, and we all found it interesting how the policing system has changed so far. The volunteer at the police museum was an ex-police officer who could sign a little. He explained all about his experience as a police officer.  

We learned about the most famous criminals in Birmingham that were held in a cell block at the site, including the real Peaky Blinders. They have a real Peaky Blinder hat that was an example of what they wore at the time. 

At the end, we all dressed up in police uniforms and took lots of selfies! Afterwards, we went to Costa to have a quick coffee and a cake.  


We would like to say a big thank you to all the staff and volunteers at the West Midlands Police Museum for making us feel welcome. We all had a great time!! 











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