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St George’s day joviality


Deirdre (Community Matters English tutor) and Marian (Community Matters Deaf Employment Officer) led a joint event to mark St George’s day with a day of games and fun. 

We started the morning off with icebreaker involving solitaire with large playing cards before spending rest of the morning telling each other short stories using picture cards. This was to draw out the natural storytelling skills deaf people tend to have. The morning was filled with laughter as each person received random picture cards displaying topics such as transportation, emotions, activities, weather etc giving them a starting point to create a story from. We had a great discussion about signs for different countries and how they have evolved over the years. 

This was followed by a St George quiz surrounding events and trivia associated with 23rdApril and why it is an important day in English history to try and improve literacy and general knowledge. If you would like copy of the quiz and answers, please contact email Deirdre at

St George's Day Quiz

Marian then hosted Family Fortunes with teams competing against each other to guess the top answers. It was really interesting to see what answers were given and seeing people coming out of their shells.

Marian hosting Family Fortunes

Craig our Advocacy Officer embodied the spirit of Bruce Forsyth to host ‘Play your Cards right’ where teams had to guess if the card number would be higher or lower than the previous card. 

The day ended with a game of charades that was enjoyed by all guessing with the last one being ‘Time to go’! 

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day.

The team would like to express their appreciation to everyone that attended and say

‘It was nice to see you, to see you, nice!’ until the next event. 

Keep your eyes peeled for details of the next event.



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