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National Hate Crime Awareness Week

During the national hate crime awareness week (8th- 15th October) Deirdre attended Hate crime training with Remendi and learnt a lot more in--depth about the different strands of what kind of hate crimes there are and how they can overlap. The discussions around different kinds and how people decided when it is used and when it isn’t were very interesting. 

There will be two new strands of hate crimes being introduced in the future- misogyny and sub-culture. 


Deirdre found all this particularly useful as a refresher and a top up to her previous hate crime training when Zebra became a Third-Party Reporting Centre as the very next day Deirdre give a presentation at the Walsall coffee morning in the Walsall Library about hate crime with a focus on Disability hate crime. 

We had a great discussion about why the reporting statistics on Deaf hate crimes are very low and why deaf people do not report them.   


 What is Hate Crime in BSL- Hate Crime  

If you have been affected by Hate crime-

You can report via Zebra Access’ Third Party Reporting Centre where we will support you


You can report it by contacting  

West Midlands Police by

If you are in danger or your life is at risk, please use 



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