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Day 6 of Sign Language Week 2019

This week is Sign Language Week with the theme-

 'With Sign Language and Culture We Prosper'

Day 6 - Alka and Reuban with Kirsty

All: Hello

KG: What’s your name?

A: My name is Alka

KG: Alka, great thank you. What’s your name?

R: Reuban

KG: Reuban, great. 

KG: why are you learning BSL?

A: I want to communicate with Reuban

KG: Lovely. 

R: I’m Deaf

KG: Do you like learning BSL?

R: Yes, I’m Deaf

KG: Yes, but do you like signing?

R: Yes it’s good

KG: What’s your favourite pet?

R: A dog

KG: A dog. How many?

R: 12

KG: 12! That’s a lot.

KG and R: In different houses

KG: Lovely, thank you both. Bye

R and A: Bye


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