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Council Member for New Cross Hospital


We are proud to say that our Community Development Officer, Sean Noone, is now a member of The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust (New Cross Hospital) council. Sean has been recruited to support the hospital to make improvements and provide a link between the work that they do and patient and public engagement, and be their ‘critical friend’. If you have any comments, suggestions, concerns or issues relating to The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, please do contact Sean Noone, for he will be happy to discuss and raise them with The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust. 

Sean Noone - email: Text/FaceTime/WhatsApp: 07472 958534


Deaf Hub

What can we help you with?

As part of the Zebra Access' Reaching Communities 'Deaf Hub' project, with the support of the Big Lottery Fund, Advocacy drop-in Centres for deaf and hard of hearing people are now up and running to assist with a range of queries, complaints, form filling, and many more.

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TOMORROW! Are you d/Deaf, hard of hearing, deafened and living in the Black Country and around in the West Midland… @ZebraAccess