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Accessible Breast Screening Service session

Dudley, Wolverhampton, and South West Staffordshire’s Breast Screening Services have been inviting women to attend Breast Awareness sessions. The breast awareness sessions, ‘check your breast, protect the rest’, are currently hosted via Zoom.

I attended one of the information sessions with a BSL interpreter and found it useful, I feel that it would be beneficial for all women to attend and check their breasts to protect the rest. Within the session, I shared my personal experience and also listened to a few women share their experiences. There was a fantastic nurse that demonstrated how to check your breasts and how often this should be done. This has had a significant impact on me, as it made me realise that I did not know how to correctly check my breasts. The assumption that I had previously made was to only check my breasts, and not to check my collarbone or underarm areas. Hopefully, filmed content will be created for the deaf community in the near future. This session was was really helpful for me, and filmed content would benefit other deaf women, especially for those from an ethnic minority group. 

Testimonies from the deaf ladies that attended the session:

“Very informative, the information was useful and the technology enabled me to focus on the interpreter.”

“I found it useful to hear stories from both hearing and deaf women, because we all have breasts and need to share our experiences. Professionals also took part, which I felt more comfortable with. The interpreter was brilliant, overall I’ve learned a lot and gained valuable information”

“I would have preferred to attend a smaller group session, but found this information useful”

There will be further health related workshops. Please do watch this space.

Meanwhile please do not hesitate to contact Linda Beasley, our Wellbeing Officer, via Email: or SMS/FaceTime: 07861677816  if you have any queries.


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