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Zebra Access deliver vital training at Wolverhampton Homes

Our community Development Officer, Sean Noone, delivered two training sessions on how to engage with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people to staff from Wolverhampton Homes in partnership with Action on Hearing Loss.

At the training, staff were taught a range of needs relating to Deaf and Hard of Hearing issues. This training gives the staff the skills and opportunity to engage with their Deaf or Hard of Hearing customers in better and more accessible way.

Jo Patel, Diversity Officer says:
“This training had been beneficial for Wolverhampton Homes to support and equip front line staff, in order to communicate effectively with the Deaf customers at first point of contact.  For me personally it made me appreciate how difficult it is for deaf customers/community to access services and given me some useful practice tips to consider when communicating with the deaf customers.  This training is the first of many steps we are taking to ensure we remove barriers and finally, the trainers are friendly, know their stuff, it’s interactive and therefore would recommend most organisations to undertake this training.”

If you are interested in receiving training from Zebra Access, please contact Chris Beech, project manager at

Deaf Hub

What can we help you with?

As part of the Zebra Access' Reaching Communities 'Deaf Hub' project, with the support of the Big Lottery Fund, Advocacy drop-in Centres for deaf and hard of hearing people are now up and running to assist with a range of queries, complaints, form filling, and many more.

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