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Social Media and Employment workshop summary


Deirdre & Marian delivered a workshop on Social Media and Employment.

Deirdre gave a brief talk about what is social media and what kind of platforms there are. The 3 main platforms we looked at were Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The first activity was to use a search engine to look for their own names and to see what comes up, this was aimed to show how one should keep their personal information safe.

Deirdre went through each platform showing how to secure them by making the privacy settings stronger and safer, she then explained about how to reflect yourself on social media & to think about how one would like people to see them and to tailor their posts to reflect this.

After a tea break, Marian explained why having a positive presence on social media was important as social media can be used as a reference tool to find out more about who the person is, which is why keeping your social media accounts is important and to think about what content is suitable to post online. 

 She then explained how jobs could be found online simply by following certain organisations and companies through their social media, and people can email in their CVs or applications.

She demonstrated why CVs are very important and has to be very eye-catching in the first 20 seconds of an employer reading it before deciding whether to read more or to move on to the next one. 

The participants felt they learnt a lot about using social media wisely and how to use social media to look for jobs.

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