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Coffee Morning At Compton Care- Robin Ash

‘Let talk about loneliness in the Deaf community’ - Robin Ash 


Robin Ash visited us at our new venue in Compton Care. Many new and old faces was there as we all enjoyed watching Robin’s presentation on ‘loneliness’. Many of us agreed that we all feel lonely in various situations and had the opportunity to discuss and share our thoughts. 


Robin Ash is from British Deaf Association who recently set up a new project focusing on loneliness in the Deaf community. 


There are many of different dentitions for loneliness but it is mainly centred around a state of mind developed over continued alone feelings.


For example, you may feel lonely and in need of human interaction or it is possible you are surround by people, but you still feel alone which means that you are experience feeling of isolation.  


This is a common occurrence within the Deaf community because of cultural clashes with the deaf and hearing world. Language barriers is also a big contribution which leads to a feeling of isolation. This can negatively impact your wellbeing which can lead to feeling depressed or lacking in self-esteem. 


For example, if you struggle to find your local deaf club or deaf community this can lead to you to feeling alone. It might be that you just left your school and entering hearing world for the first time, this may leave you feeling anxious and alone. 


We at Zebra Access provide wellbeing services. Our wellbeing officer can support you in various ways. An example of this might be to find suitable workshops that help you build on that self-esteem. Another example is a be-friending services that can help eliminate the constant lonely feelings.


Please do contact our wellbeing officer if you are feeling lonely and we will be happy to find suitable support to help you. 


If you are keen to hear more on this topic, please contact Robin Ash. 



Keys words:

Lonely: being without company

Alone: having no one else present.

Robin Ash is from British Deaf Association who recently set up a new project focusing on loneliness in the Deaf community. 


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