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Photo: Zebra Access' Co-Director Marilyn Willrich with staff from the fire and police services, two Zebra Access' volunteers and BSL interpreter.

Zebra Access was awarded a Big Lottery Fund Grant to run the 'Cornish Deaf Community Access Awareness and Training' project from March to September 2018. Sadly, the project has now come to an end and we say farewell to those involved in the workshops.

Zebra Access' Co-Director, Marilyn Willrich, has been organising and delivering a range of advocacy workshops for deaf people across Cornwall and had the opportunity to work with a fantastic team of volunteers and various speakers who gave talks at the workshops.


The last workshop took place on 8th September 2018 and we would like to say a big thank you to the speakers for their time in delivering talks in the workshops, to the Cornish community for attending the workshops and for providing their valuable feedback and a special thank you to the volunteers for their hard work in contributing their ideas and helping with the interviewing and filming.

"I am quite sad to see the end of the workshops as it's been fantastic delivering them, working with the talented volunteers, and meeting new faces. I'm glad to see the way the local community has greatly benefitted from the workshops. These workshops are to facilitate the development of life skills and increase people's confidence and it's crucial that the workshops continue." - Zebra Access' Co-Director Marilyn Willrich

Keep an eye on our news for future development of the project.

Deaf Hub

What can we help you with?

As part of the Zebra Access' Reaching Communities 'Deaf Hub' project, with the support of the Big Lottery Fund, Advocacy drop-in Centres for deaf and hard of hearing people are now up and running to assist with a range of queries, complaints, form filling, and many more.

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