Civic Centre Drop-In Service




Hello, I am here in Wolverhampton City Centre, at the council's Civic Centre. The reason I am here is for the weekly drop-in service, which is run every Wednesday, 1pm-5pm. I am going to show you, what you need to do once you enter the Civic Centre.


Once you have entered the Civic Centre, you will screens dotted around such as the one in front of me, it is touch screen and I will show you what options you need to select. Select 'touch start', then 'other', select 'next page' and you will see the option for 'Deaf drop-in' which is the option you must choose. Once chosen, a ticket with a number on will be printed from the machine. Once you receive your ticket, take a seat in the waiting area and a Deaf advocate will come to you when they are available, they will help you with whatever issue you need advice for.