Mission Statement

Zebra Access is a Deaf-led charity dedicated to ensuring that all Deaf people enjoy equal participation and access without communication barriers.


The Zebra Access vision is to ensure that Deaf people are given the opportunity to live full and enriched lives by developing independence and building confidence.

We aim to achieve this vision by:

  • Acting as Deaf role models, creating momentum for all Deaf people to achieve their aspirations
  • Understanding oppression
  • Helping to overcome social barriers
  • Enabling Deaf people to have self belief and confidence
  • Opening doors for further education and employment
  • Working in partnership with those that share our vision

The charity's purpose is to:

  • Develop opportunities for Deaf people to have better chances in life by providing access to training and workshops to improve their life skills.
  • Encourage, promote and provide employment for Deaf people through provision of support, education and advice
  • Support and promote strong community ethos by encouraging Deaf people to become more active within their communities and work together to tackle common problems as well as advocate wider social cohesion
  • Raise awareness and improve accessibility to technology, services and facilities so Deaf people can enjoy, understand and develop themselves further
  • Promote and advocate healthier lifestyles by raising and improving awareness of available activities and health choices
  • Lead and manage Film and Arts festivals which allow Deaf performers, communities and directors to showcase their talents to a wider audience
  • Educate and inform Deaf people of basic human rights as citizens regardless of their age, disability, gender, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, sexuality, religion and race